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Professional, convenient, safe, Deghi Sport ski rental is a landmark for all ski enthusiasts and for your unforgettable snow holiday.

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The Skiman's advice What kind of skier are you?

First time?

You need a pair of skis which give you self confidence and help you set your turns, easy carving skis are perfect to get you started with fun!


Skiing is fun for all with the proper equipment .... From beginners to expert skiers SKIING = FREEDOM....FUN...NATURE

Soft Skis

Soft skis are versatile, easy to turn and won't take much effort, they' re good recreational skis for beginners.

What is the side cut?

Every ski model has specific geometric characteristics which influence their performance. The side cut is the difference In tip/waist/tail width. Width dimensions decide the radius (the radius measured in meters of the circle that would be drawn if you were to extend the edge into a full circle), A big difference in tip/waist/tail width creates a short radius.which allows you to carve tight turns. A smaller difference creates a larger radius which makes turns more demanding.

Giant Slalom or Slalom?

Giant Slalom skis are eligible for on-course performance at a high speed and guarantee optimal balance and grip on hard pack. They're suitable for good skiers who like wide turns. Slalom skis have short radius and guarantee a quick transfer from edge to edge, they allow to carve tight turns and will feel more responsive on course.

Edge Angle at 89� or 88� ?

Ski edge angle varies based on performance required. For a giant slalom ski a tuning between 0,5 and 1 is recommended with an angle of 88� or 87�. For a Slalom racing ski a tuning between 0 and 0,5 is recommended with an 87� or 86� edge angle.


Sure! After 5 pm, you can come and get your skis for the day after, you can always enjoy our ski deposit service and leave your equipment in your private lockers.
High quality and continued renewal of our equipment makes breaking skis a very remote chance. Nevertheless the Rent-all renting software program provides us with all info about how long a pair of skis has been used and the degree of wear and tear so to determine the actual value for possible reimbursement.
Availability is great, It is preferable though to book in advance, especially during bank holidays , school breaks and week ends.
We have availability for ski boots reaching size 51 (mondo point 33) and we have specific easy fit boots for big calfs.

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ISO 11088 ski/binding/boots specifications

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