Why have skis tuned in a specialized center?

Save energy and be safe!
Professional side edge sharpening guarantees a perfect performance on any kind of snow and slopes, even hard or icy. Save energy and be safe!.
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State of the art base and edge preparation.

Perfectly smoothing and beveling of base and edge helps skiing and makes for easier movements.
A properly cleaned, polished and waxed base increases maneuverability and sliding on any snow condition.
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Professional ski service in Madesimo

Advanced machinery for ski tuning
Our ski tuning workshop uses the best WINTERSTEIGER machinery, leader brand in ski and snowboard tuning machinery.
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Perfect base edge grinding for better performance and control.

We repair any base gouges
When base is scratched and grazed skiing becomes difficult and dangerous for turns swerving risk. Gouges affect skis grip and safety, especially on hard or frozen pack.
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Is your base gouged?

We restore it!
We patch repair any base gouges, scratches and grazes which may affect skis sliding and may turn into major damage if left alone.
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Quality as an imperative!

Precision for a perfect job.
Also most demanding skiers will be happy with our precision and commitment to skis and snowboards care, and with our advanced technology systems and staff preparation.
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  • Address: Via Emet 2
  • 23024 Madesimo - Sondrio - Italia
  • Telephone:+39 0343 55925
  • Email: domenico.deghi@tin.it
  • Time: 08:00-19:00
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